Race Information

General information and details

The competition is organized during the Baltic Sea Festival in Karlshamn. The crowd will gather along the track at beaches and in boats. At the goal area, the athletes are welcomed by a larger audience and the event. Welcome and follow an exciting competition.



Start: The competition starts at 10.00 out on
Eriksbergs Vilt & Natur.

Estimated pass times for first team: Vettekulla Half ways: 11.30 Goal: 12.45


Places we recommend to the public:
1. Östra Bokö 2. Kollevik
3. Vägga småbåtshamn
4. Näsviken 5. & Vin Restaurang
6. Kastellet 7. Goal area Östra Piren

Award ceremony

The awards ceremony will start tonight’s entertainment at the Baltic Sea Festival on the big stage.


Eriksberg – Karlshamn
Total run: 18km
Total swim: 4km
longest running: 3100m
longest swiming: 440m

Run Sections

1. 3100m 2. 120m 3. 160m 4. 450m 5. 258m 6. 1100m 7. 1540m 8. 1340m 9. 106m 10. 67m 11. 285m 12. 155m 13. 825m 14. 828m 15. 2400m 16. 114m 17. 555m 18. 532m 19. 1800m 20. 1000m 21. 1280m 22. 320m 23. 100m -estimerat antal/längd

Swiming Sections

1. 116m 2. 83m 3. 220m 4. 23m 5. 130m 6. 105m 7. 59m (*) 8. 126m 9. 129m 10. 67m 11. 280m 12. 230m 13. 440m (*) 14. 348m 15. 340m 16. 130m 17. 105m (*) 18. 26m 19. 40m 20. 356m 21. 428m *liquid station -estimated number/length

Idrottarens guide

Ansvarsbefrielse & Guide dokument: [Download pdf here]

Race day Saturday 22 july, start location Eriksberg Vilt & Natur / Karlshamn

Pickup of license plate
Starting location at 08.00 – 09.00
When picking up license plates, ID must be presented and BOTH team members must sign a waiver.
In your starting bag there will be: Map, Simmössa, Food ticket, Number tag vest.

Race Breefing
Eriksberg Vilt & Natur kl. 09.00 MANDATORY

The competition starts kl. 10.00 at Eriksbergs Vilt & Natur.

Transport to the competition site
Bus transport can be pre-booked via email: info@islandchallenge.se
Book by July 14, cost: SEK 50 / person. The bus then leaves from Best Western at. 7.30
With your own car you get to Eriksbergs Wild and nature via the exit towards Åryd on the E22, then it is signposted. If you have your own car to start, this must have been picked up the same evening from Eriksberg.

Baggage leave
Your bag is marked with your start number and left at the starting point where it will then be transported to the Target area.

All teams will be assigned a map of the course. It is your responsibility to keep track of your itinerary. You have this map with you to be able to see where you are or if you miss a carving or sign. The map is 100% water resistant.

All teams will be released at the same time, the first stretch is relatively short so it can easily get crowded at the first run in the water. So we are appealing to the teams that will take it a little quieter that you put yourself further behind in the starting field. The first route goes through the game fence, so was a little extra vigilant on the animals.

The course will largely be cut with red and white ribbons and signs with arrows. Except for the first 4 islands. These islands are free to cross. However, we have highlighted the best route on your map you will get at the start. It may not be the shortest with the smartest in our opinion. These terrains are completely unpaved. Otherwise, it is the incisions and arrows that must follow. Be sure to close all gates you pass and follow the route we marked. Be afraid of the land you are crossing as we are on land outside the common law on many occasions. Ps: Remember to keep your eyes open, easy to miss a cut and get away from the itinerary.

During the swim you always swim from flag to flag. The flags have no screaming colors so you need to look carefully. You will also pass 3 major fairways with high risk. This applies to lanes 11, 12, and 13. Here there will be large buoys out showing your itinerary. To ensure your safety and to ensure your safety, you should swim against the buoy and never more than 5 meters away. On parts of the course we also share space with the archipelago ferries, so we need to agree on getting there first. You can sometimes get a stop signal from officials so we can drop off the ferry and the time you stand still is clocked and deducted after finishing.

Liquid/ Energi
After the course there will be 3 liquid / energy stations. Here you will be served Umara sports drinks and fruit, bun, water and coffee at the 2nd station. The first fluid control (approx. 9km from the start) is difficult to obtain liquid in large quantities, where only water will be served. Each participant has 1 bottle of 50 cl water waiting for you. These bottles must not be brought or thrown other than in the garbage cans we have where the same applies to the corkers. If you want more to drink or some type of energy, this should be included and that bottle and sash are also left in garbage cans. Buns and fruits are available!

Healthcare Resources
Tech Medical will be out along the track to help you in case of any injuries, they also have cardiac starters with you out on the track. Call your nearest clerk and ask them for help if you have had an injury where you cannot go to health care yourself.

Cut of time
For teams that have not passed the 2nd liquid station before. Unfortunately, 15:00 will be picked off the track for safety reasons.

In the finish you will be served drinks from Vitamin well, water bottles from Meravatten, Goodiebags, a finisher cap and easier to chew from Coop.

Shower and change
Shower opportunities are available in the Väggahallen about 10 min walk from the target area. We will also build a smaller replacement tent in the target area.

After race dinner
At Best Western Hotel (Jannebergsvägen 2, 374 32 Karlshamn) you as a participant will be invited to dinner when you have showered and are ready. Bring your family, friends, close & amp; dear to celebrate your race.

At Best Western Karlshamn there are accommodation packages at very favorable prices for participants in the competition. Please enter 2XU Islandchallenge when booking.

Award ceremony
The awards ceremony will begin tonight’s entertainment at the Baltic Sea Festival on the big stage at. 19.15 at Stora Torget. This award ceremony is compulsory for the first 3 teams in each class if you are to have your price checks and gifts.
Winning team: SEK 3000 and a starting place for the 2018 competition.
2nd team: 2000 kr
3rd team: 1000 kr

Here we will also hand out the big check on this year’s collection to the Sea Rescue that you have contributed to.

Good to think about
Go in and read through the competition rules one last time, so you have complete control of what applies during the competition, before and after. Here are also the starting lists.

Places we recommend:

  • Östra Bokö
  • Kollevik
  • Vägga småbåtshamn
  • Näsviken
  • &Vin (restaurang)
  • Kastellet
  • Målområdet Östra Piren

Estimated passing times for first team:
Vettekulla Half way: 11.30
Goal: 13.00

NOTE: Keep in mind that we protect nature and we have zero tolerance for debris of any kind! We also compete with full sportsmanship, joy, happiness and fair play =)